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Dynmap is back up!

Chris a posted Thu at 1:51

While the session servers were offline I got around to getting our dynmaps up and working again.  You can find them on the menu bar up top.  There is one for Forge and Vanilla.

Server is online!

Chris a posted Wed at 2:18

You should be able to connect to the servers now.  Remember to use these addreses for now until our main one is ported over.  Looks like the normal IP is working now.  You can connect with this one however if your DNS hasn't refreshed yet:


Build Contest - 5

Chris a posted Jul 16, 15

Booty lol
Seems like you guys have been gone a while, hope everything is okay.
:sick: uh Happy Belated Birthday yo! <3
Yolo im 18 peeps
I miss the vanilla server.
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