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Main Server Updated! (Again)

Chris a posted 8 hours ago

I've redone our server pack again.  This time around it should work a lot better on lower-end computers.

You can download the pack here.

Main Server Updated

Chris a posted Mar 22, 15

We've recently slimmed down the amount of servers are are running.  To join the main (and only) server use the Technic Launcher and use the "Forge - Hardcore" pack.

Chihaki I can't find the thread regarding how to download it ;_;
Agentb00 Can you explain how to download it, i dont know where to start :(
Ken What is the name of the pack again? I'm having issues getting it to work

Build Contest - 4

Chris a posted Jul 30, 14
The next build contest is open! Click the picture for more info.

Snapshot Server

Chris a posted Jul 23, 14
I have setup a temporary snapshot server for us to use.  You need the latest snapshot (14w30b) to join.
The IP is: forge2.2g1m.net
yo_Ogurt93 Do we just add this server ip in our normal minecraft? Or is there a link to get it
ZackiS Hey Chris, every time I enter the IP (forge2.2g1m.net) and try to connect I get this: http://i.imgur.com/75Tn7Sj.png It' ...
~`Grace`~ What a beautiful spawn we have *cuts down whole forest* sorry bout that, JK

Build Contest - 3

Chris a posted Jul 14, 14
Click the picture for more info!
:sick: uh Happy Belated Birthday yo! <3
Yolo im 18 peeps
I miss the vanilla server.
How do i join the server i just got back after this year =P
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