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Build Contest: Space

Chris a posted Jan 18, 16

The build contest world is open again.  The current theme is space.  More info here.

Map Reset and Bans Reset

Chris a posted Dec 6, 15

Due to the main world corrupting (my fault, dynmap filled up the hard drive and I didn't notice in time) and our only backup being over a week old.  We have decided it's time for a fresh start.  Starting right now, the we have a new main world on the Vanilla server and all bans have been lifted.  I will be posting a download link to the old map soon.  However it will be about a week rolled back.

Wraithdagger12 RIP world. Oh well, my area was getting a bit stale anyway.
dunedog Awwwwww I was hoping to add on to my tower with the new expansion.
That someone is me.
I bet someone can't wait to watch deadpool
can someone get in touch with the ark admins the mods are out of sync again :d
how do you turn off this vanilla server chat on forge? too much going on now
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