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Main Server Updated

Chris a posted Mar 22, 15

We've recently slimmed down the amount of servers are are running.  To join the main (and only) server use the Technic Launcher and use the "Forge - Hardcore" pack.

Chihaki I can't find the thread regarding how to download it ;_;
Agentb00 Can you explain how to download it, i dont know where to start :(
Ken What is the name of the pack again? I'm having issues getting it to work

Build Contest - 4

Chris a posted Jul 30, 14
The next build contest is open! Click the picture for more info.

Snapshot Server

Chris a posted Jul 23, 14
I have setup a temporary snapshot server for us to use.  You need the latest snapshot (14w30b) to join.
The IP is: forge2.2g1m.net
yo_Ogurt93 Do we just add this server ip in our normal minecraft? Or is there a link to get it
ZackiS Hey Chris, every time I enter the IP (forge2.2g1m.net) and try to connect I get this: http://i.imgur.com/75Tn7Sj.png It' ...
~`Grace`~ What a beautiful spawn we have *cuts down whole forest* sorry bout that, JK

Build Contest - 3

Chris a posted Jul 14, 14
Click the picture for more info!

Kitty Update!

Misconduct a posted Jul 3, 14
Thank you very much everyone for your nice thoughts and well wishes! I've been so busy since I got home from California that I forgot to update everyone and for that I apologize. So here we go!

1. Yes, I really drove my cat to another state for 14 hours so she could get treatment for her weird condition that nobody around here has dealt with.
2. It's nobodies business how or why I spend my money. I realize people think the money spent on vet bills would be better used towards another cause but I love my cat and I am financially able to help her. Deal with it. We've already decided that if she takes a turn for the worst, the remaining savings for her will go to a charity or program that helps people cover their own vet bills.
3. The vets in CA were AWESOME and we have more treatment options than we thought we would!
4. Doki (the kitty) took the ride very well surprisingly. We stayed in a cat friendly hotel and she had a huge window on the 24th floor to sit in the sun. There was much sunbathing.
5. Doki seems to be doing well now and we're waiting to hear back from the vet about some of her test results.

Once we got the better than expected news for Doki, we decided to relax a little and explore California. Here are some pictures!


I'll put more up later I have to leave for work soon. Miss you all! <3
TommyTLG Glad your kitty is getting better Misconduct! ^^ (I'm not good at long sentences, but FEEL MY LOVE!) *sends love throug ...
Yukimiraku Aw, I'm so glad Doki's better! X3 People were actually complaining on you spending money so Doki could get better?! What ...
RainbowJellah I'm happy that Doki is getting better. Woah, people have been saying that? Rude. Some people can be such butts when they ...
Yolo im 18 peeps
I miss the vanilla server.
How do i join the server i just got back after this year =P
Dune, whose face is made out of bacon is making bacon pancakes....Cannibal ism...or nah?
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