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Road to Minecon!

Misconduct a posted May 27, 16

It's official!

We got our tickets and we're going to Minecon! Even more excitingly, Chrisky, Mayo, Weenie and Epz are going too! We're renting a big house together and we really hope we see you there if you're going.

To celebrate, we'll be doing streams on twitch.tv/2girls1minecraft every Saturday until Minecon! You can expect:

  • Minecraft (Hypixel)
  • Oculus Rift games including Minecraft (omg it finally got here!!1111)
  • Overwatch
  • ??? - Make suggestions!

Once we get to Minecon, we plan to stream a lot to https://www.periscope.tv/2g1Minecraft so make sure to follow us there! We're also working on a proper YouTube schedule so you guys have more 2G1M videos to look at with your cute little faces. 

Oh, one last thing. For every $10 or more donation we receive from now until Minecon, we will autograph and mail you a postcard from Minecon! (Or email if you're all like "omg nobody can know the location of my secret ninja catman lair QQQQ!!!11"). If we reach $500 in donations by August 1st, Misconduct will play a horror VR game. If we reach at least $1,000, Misconduct will play a horror VR game with webcam (pls no). All donations from now until then will go towards our trip.  

If you donate, please let us know what address to send your postcard to in the comment. If it doesn't let you leave a comment, email us the PayPal reference number and provide your mailing address at 2girls1minecraft@gmail.com. If you're under the age of 18, please make sure you have your parent's permission to give out your address.

Donate here if we're not streaming. Or, here if we're live on Twitch! You can leave a message and it'll read it for everyone during the stream. Don't put your address in the donation message on the twitchalerts donation or it'll show it to everyone watching.

Build Contest: Dream Home

Chris a posted Apr 19, 16

A new build contest has been started, the theme is: Dream Home

More info here.

Oh, Happy New Year ^^
Happy New Years everyone!! :)
I have never seen this page look so...dead.
Good Morning!!
To those of you who celebrate it, have a HAPPY Thanksgiving!!! If you don't celebrate it, it's fine. Have a wonderful day and dinner altogether.
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